What is the flying powder 5k?

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Whether it’s your first color race, you’re not a runner, or you’re an experienced athlete – ditch the boring road race for a Flying Powder Fun Run 5K!

The Flying Powder Fun Run 5K is an untimed color running race that aims to encourage healthy activity with a burst of color to help bring out your wild side! We believe that 5K races don’t always need to be about competition, but more about having fun & letting go. Throw color to the wind, and get messy – make a masterpiece! Start the color race with a fresh canvas – all white clothing. At each Kilometer, color running volunteers throw color into the air & by the end, you’re a walking Jackson Pollock! The run is fun, period. Join in the post-run Party, with more flying powder, dancing & fun! Get your friends & family together to get involved in the most fun you’ll ever have running a 5K race!

About Fun 5K Races such as out Flyng Powder Fun Run

The flying Powder 5K Fun Run inspired by holi

The Festival Of Colors. An Indian tradition where people bury their hatchets with a warm embrace and throw their worries to the wind – tossing colored cornstarch into the air. Dance around, get crazy, let go. Let out your inner child! Leave everything at the starting line.

About Fun Runs such as our Flying Powder Fun RunAbout Fun 5K Runs such as our Flying Powder Fun Run

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Get Messy! Have Fun! Color Your Run!

Do I need to be a trained runner?

Absolutely not! Run, skip, walk or crawl! Get to the finish line however you’d like, in style and at your own pace!

How is the color administered?

Imagine a food fight of completely colored sugar. The colored powder is tossed into the air as you run though it.

Will the color ruin my clothes or shoes??

The color will stain your white clothing, so wear clothing that you don’t mind getting color on, however it will wash out of sneakers or shoes.

Can I take pictures during the run?

Yes! Documenting this fun event is encouraged! We suggest using plastic bags to protect cell phones or cameras from the color.

Post race clean up?

Shake, twist, jump or dance! Dust yourself off however you know how- dusting off the loose powder on your body should be enough to prevent your car from becoming the Flying Powder on Wheels.

Are children allowed and can I run it alone?

Of course! Children are encouraged and no teams necessary to make some masterpieces!

Can I run with a stroller?

Due to the varying road conditions, we discourage running with strollers. See location/venue for stroller rules.

Boston – No Strollers Allowed.

Can I run with my dog?

No, Dogs are not allowed at any locations

How do I sign up?

Sign up for the most fun you’ll have running a 5K online at www.flycolorrun.com/register
Or Register at the venue, on the day of the event if space is still available.

What is included in registration?

Yours registration includes entry to the race and a T-Shirt.

Is there a packet pick up? How does it work?

There is no packet pick up. After registration, just show up at the venue on the date of the race!

Are registration fees refundable?

Sorry, entry fees are NON-REFUNDABLE